Spanish Fowl

from R.A Thomas farm

Photos are example of breed only - Call for availability


Bulico Dom Spanish stag & pullet


We have three basic bloodlines of Spanish fowl:

Our Dom or Bolico family are the products of many years of careful breeding and record keeping to ensure the highest standards and quality of these little birds. Most birds weigh between 3 lbs./5 oz. to 4 lbs./3 oz. as mature birds. Some of these come pyle to white in color. These are from some of the top old time Cuban breeders. These are “The Real Deal”.

Our Black or Negro family are beautiful birds with some coming hen feathered. They come from solid black in color to black-red. They are great little birds. Their weight ranges from 3 lbs./8 oz to 4 lbs./5 oz. They are some of the most beautiful fowl on our farm.
Our Red fowl are from the top breeders in Puerto Rico. These are high class, top, champion blood lines, and are the cream of the crop. We are proud to own these little red birds as they would improve any breeding program anywhere. They come light to medium red in color and weigh between 3 lbs./8 oz to 4 lbs./5 oz. They are 100% straight combed and of the highest quality. Great little birds!