For Sale Now

from R.A. Thomas farm


       These fowl are for sale as of:  June 1st - 2017

     Please call for availability prior to placing order! 

(423) 753-8939 or (423) 220-0906


American Hennie Stags - $300 each

American Hennie stag     American Hennie stag     American Hennie stag

        American Hennie stag      ..... Brothers .....      

Irish Hennie stags / pullets - $300

          Irish Hennie     irish hennie           

Blue Face and  Perry Hatch Cocks - $300

     Perry Hatch cock    Perry Hatch Cocks    Perry Hatch cock

                                       Blue face cock  Blue Face stag


*** ALL ASIL FOWL - $500 each ***

Asil pullet   Atkinson Asil stag & pullet  Asil stag 

Rajah Murgh Asil Pullets

   rajah murg pullet              Rajah murg




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