Brazilian Asils

from R.A Thomas farm

Photos are example of breed only - Call for availability


Red Brazilian stag / Red Brazilian Pullet


The Brazilian Fowl, originally imported from just the eggs, were hand carried on a return flight from Brazil to America. Much effort went into finding and selecting the best of the best parent stock to produce these eggs.
When the eggs were hatched here in the U.S. the offspring were of perfect body conformation and of tremendous spirit. Our Brazilian fowl vary in color from white to golden with an occasional red showing up each year. We have bred the red Brazils to color and set them as a family. We also inbred the golden Brazils to a smaller size to make crosses over Spanish and Cuban fowl.
The best Oriental fowl in the world can be found in the vast and diverse country of Brazil. This mystic land has some of the best breeders that can be found. The Brazilian fowl are a great addition to the Quality Asil farm.


Golden Brazilian Stag / Pumpkin Brazilian Stag


Inbred Brazilian / Red Brazilian sPair